100+ Google Rankings, but 3 Rules to Live By

Want To Start Getting More Leads Online? It starts with SEO


I’ve worked with many clients, and the ones that value SEO to the point where they take it upon themselves to learn it are the companies that succeed the most.


The Google algorithm may have over 100 different ranking factors, but when you boil it down to pure concepts, SEO is easy to understand 


3 Easy-To-Understand SEO Concepts 

Google wants to serve great content. If you create unique content that adds value, your content will rank,

Google needs you to use keywords in order to show your content for appropriate searches related to your content.

Google wants to serve content from credible, trustworthy websites.


Your content should add value – first and foremost your content should add value to your readers. Without value, a web user will surely leave your website and go to the next search result for their information.

Your content should be accurate – with facts, statements and other references, your information should be accurate.

Your content should be unique – content that is unique will always succeed. Think of a unique topic, unique opinion on a subject, unique way to format your content. Creativity is valued in content writing which can greatly help your SEO.

Your content should be thorough

Your content should be dynamic – in addition to boring text, it should include images, infographics, videos, visual data and other media 



Identifying the right keywords

Search intent – when choosing keywords take into account what the user search intent is. What content is a user expecting to see upon typing in keyword into Google and then clicking upon your website?

Search volume – using keywords that have search volume (average monthly searches) provides the opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

Specific keywords – while they may typically have lower search volume, using specific keyword (long tail keywords) 

Relevant keywords – are the keywords you’re using relevant to the purpose of your website, products and services you sell online? Using relevant keywords will help you drive qualified traffic through organic search.


Using keywords in the right places 

Identifying the right page – a keyword needs to be assigned to a page in order to rank in Google searches. 

Creating optimized meta data – identify the best keyword for a page and use it in a pages title tag and meta description will help better rank for that keyword 

Using keyword variants in page copy – using variations of the keyword used



Get backlinks from writing amazing content that offers value 

Promote your content on social media to get likes and comments 

Have an about page that outlines qualifications and achievements.