SEO Audits Made Simple

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit helps uncover opportunities and identify technical fixes for a website in order to optimally rank in Google search results. An SEO audit covers everything from keyword rankings and optimization ideas, to technical issues, to backlink audits. From SEO audits will come solutions to issues found, which will help your website rank competitively in searches.

What to Expect:

First off, every business is different. Because of that, a customized report will be delivered with findings and errors found on your site. The SEO audit I’ll perform is designed to give you actionable advice; technical fixes, content ideas, promotional tactics, and keyword targeting opportunities. I’ll create a presentation detailing opportunities and fixes, which I’ll walk you through, and, at the end of the meeting I’ll send you the presentation.

The Process:

Once the green light is given, I”ll do a thorough analysis of your site, including identifying keyword opportunities, technical fixes, and content recommendations. Once my findings are complete, I’ll present a report detailing my recommendations, which will drive more qualified traffic and generate leads online! I can implement the fixes myself, which is priced separately from the SEO audit, and negotiated according to the number of hours needed.

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