SEO Case Studies

Proven SEO Strategies That Work

Every client presents different SEO opportunities. SEO strategies aren’t a one-size-fits-all, and in order to see SEO success, you’ll need to build a strategy that works for each client. While not every client is a home run, here are a few client success stories I’ve been a part of and the strategies I took to get them to the point they’re at today.

Case Study #1: Online Comic Store

Summary: This particular client approached me about SEO services with a heavy amount of link building to improve the domain authority of his website and improve the visibility of both buying and selling comic books online.

Strategy: To improve the domain authority, we started reaching out to related businesses to collaborate on content pieces. One example was working with professional organizers on tips for proper storage of comics.

The Results:

Starting in May, we steadily saw an increase in organic search traffic and keywords site-wide, with a huge jump in September 2019.

By the Numbers:

  • +394% increase in total keywords (SEMrush)
  • +725% increase in keywords ranking on the first page (SEMrush)
  • +145% increase in organic search traffic (Google Analytics)

Case Study #2: Seasonal Employment Service

Summary: This company had been creating content online, but they had not seen very little traffic from these blog posts. The business was recently new, and the domain authority was still very low. 

Strategy: The goal to improve content visibility shaped the link building plan to drive backlinks to those content pieces. We reached out to tourism experts, travel bloggers and other influencers and businesses to contribute to our existing articles, in an effort to link to the content piece.

The Results:

The 3-month contract started in April, and even 3 months after the contract ended, we continue to see see great results! Here are some comparisons between the start of the contract to September 2019:

By the Numbers:

  • +1275% increase in total keywords
  • +145% increase in organic search traffic
  • Increased keywords ranking on the first two pages in Google from 2 to 56

Case Study #3: Kitchenware Products (E-commerce)

Summary: With the company launching a paid search campaign, the company also wanted to take advantage of organic search. 

Strategy: There was a lot of “low hanging fruit”, including on-page optimization of product pages and browse pages, as well as navigation updates to better suit SEO. We also created a blogging campaign to work with bloggers and influencers in the industry.

The Results:

This was a 4-month contract in November 2018, but it wasn’t until after the contract ended in a Google Core Algorithm update in the beginning of June that we started to see some serious growth in total keywords, estimated search traffic and conversions from SEO.

By the Numbers:

  • +394% increase in total keywords (SEMrush)
  • +887 increase in keywords ranking on the first page (SEMrush)
  • +622% increase in organic search traffic (Google Analytics)

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