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5 SEO New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Regardless of how much you buy into setting personal New Year’s resolutions, the start of the new year is a great time to look into investing SEO for your business’s website. Here are 5 SEO New Year’s resolutions you should set out to do during the year:

Target your website with highly relevant keywords

Most pages on websites have something in their title tags, meta descriptions, and pages – but are they optimized for the right keywords that will bring users to your site? It’s important to use keywords that are highly relevant to your website, products or services. These types of keywords will rank higher in search results because you get more targeted, and in turn, you have a lot fewer competitors to go against on Google search results.

Have Content that Speaks to Users

Whether you have a blog, e-book or another piece of content, it’s crucial to know your audience. Consider using 3-4 user personas and pick one when creating a content piece. What are there specific pain points or interests as a relates to your product or service? This will hopefully stir up some ideas on creating content this year.

Make your Content more Dynamic

It’s 2019, people! It’s time for something more than just text on blog posts. (yes, that goes for “boring” industries, too). Think of ways to spice up how you deliver your content to your users. There are so many more ways to present your content that are much more interesting – consider using podcasts, videos, infographics, graphic illustrations, data & facts.

Promote Your Content to the Right People Through Outreach

This is taking your content a step further. Chances are, if you’re a small business, I’ll be that you’re limiting your content promotion only to your social media followers and your email list. Don’t get me wrong, this is something you should be doing. But what about those who do not follow your company? If there’s a content piece that they would be interested in, reach out and see if they would link to it or share it on social media channels.

Turn a Marketing Campaign into a Link Building Campaign

Many people creating a marketing campaign might not realize the opportunity to drive backlinks. For any upcoming events, promotional campaigns or business partnerships, consider how you can acquire backlinks. These are excellent ways to earn backlinks and improving your site’s domain authority. Keep this in mind when you refresh your marketing campaigns for 2019.

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