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What Is E-A-T & Why Does it Matter for SEO?

What is E-A-T? It is an acronym that stands Expertise, Authority, and Trust, and it’s a concept that is becoming increasingly important in Google’s algorithm.

By incorporating E-A-T into its algorithm, Google rewards trustworthy websites and downgrades businesses that appear to be untrustworthy or even spammy. After all, nobody wants to purchase products or services from businesses that have questionable websites, right?

How Can I Address E-A-T?

Whether you think your site is affected, or you just want to improve the quality of your content, there’s a lot you can do to address E-A-T issues. Here are some actions to take to improve your website’s expertise, authority and trust:


Write Quality Content on your blog

There’s no better way to show Google that you’re an expert in your field than to publish quality content. Find interesting topics within your industry and provide original opinions and insight.

Promote Your Employees As Part of Your Brand

You hire employees and writers for a reason, right? The best way to get authentic content is through employees – they have the expertise and knowledge to do the job! By tapping into employees expertise, you can create authentic content online. Then, take it to the next level by creating author pages for your “expert” employees.


Build Your Social Audience:

Building an engaged social audience helps you grow your brand following. Noticed I bolded the word “engaged” – it’s great to have a large social following, but an engaged audience will keep your brand top of mind. Sharing content online on your social channels only helps exponentially the larger and more engaged your following is.

Be Featured on Websites & Publications:

Whether it’s a guest post or public relations opportunities, being featured on websites helps reach other audiences beyond your current following. By promoting your brand on other websites, you have the ability to demonstrate expertise and sell your brand image to online users who may not know your company existed.


Be Human!

Part of building trust is showing who you are. There are so many brands online that don’t show any part of the people that hide behind it online. Try incorporating the names, images, and videos of employees on your about page, or in a byline on a blog post. Don’t be afraid to display customers with a testimonial on your website as well (with their consent, of course).

List Company Credentials

On your “about” page, be sure to include credentials about your company. How long have you been in business for? How many clients have you served? Any testimonials from clients? Listing these credentials will help build trust.

To Summarize…

To sum these points up, my personal advice is to focus on the human aspects of SEO. Hire great employees that will hone their expertise in the form of writing and marketing, and focus on building your customer base.

I hope these tips help your business moving forward. If you need help with your website’s E-A-T, please, don’t hesitate to reach out for your 30-minute consultation.

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